Investigative Christian movie in box office "Top 10"

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Skeptics and believers alike have all had doubts about faith at one point or another. Especially around the time of Easter and the resurrection, these themes seem to surface again with the question of did the Son of God actually die on the Cross for the sins of the whole world and was He resurrected to save humanity?  

One movie 'The Case for Christ' has been attracting attention at the box offices across America as a way to answer these questions through the true story of protagonist, Lee Strobel. 

BRIAN BIRD Screenwriter, The Case for Christ'  

'This movie resurrects truth in an age of cynicism. We live with so much doubt. We live with a sort of radical skeptics who are pushing their own sort of version of faith at our culture from every direction. 'The Case For Christ' insulates, inoculates all of us against the doubt of the age.'  

The movie is one that screenwriter Brian Bird says feeds the hunger that so many people have in today's world. Journalist Lee Strobel, takes a person through each stage of doubt as he unfolds the mystery of Christianity through investigating the history of Jesus and trying to save his marriage.  

BRIAN BIRD Screenwriter,'The Case for Christ'  

'I believe this movie answers some very big questions for audiences and for anybody who wants to see it. We live in a cynical age. We live in a time where tradition and the ancient wisdom from the cannons of the Bible have been called into question. What Lee discovered trying to debunk our faith is that there is an avalanche of evidence for our faith'  

This movie has gained more popularity than initially expected, coming out in theaters right before the Easter season. It has impacted not only the viewers, but also those involved in creating the film.  

BRIAN BIRD Screenwriter,'The Case for Christ' 

'This has been such a profound experience for me as a screenwriter. Over 30 years I've been doing this work and I've never seen audiences respond to a movie like they've responded to 'A Case for Christ'

Opening week, 'The Case for Christ' made $3.9 million, landing in the box office top 10. After its success, it was soon advanced to 1,600 additional theaters across the United States.

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