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How the Church and medicine unite to bring healing

Auxiliary Bishop of Milan, Paolo Martinelli used his experience with disabled people at the Institute of the Holy Family of Cesano Boscone, to speak at the Vatican about how the Church and medicine can combine as one to help a person who is also in need of medical assistance.  MSGR. PAOLO MARTINELLI Auxiliary Bishop of Milan (Italy) "Religion, in particular the Christian faith, announces and helps people understand that the patient's request for healing and health is always linked to a demand for salvation, goodness, meaning, and sense. I believe the  interaction between medical science and a religious experience allows the patient to deal with his illness.â? Martinelli said that while searching for bodily healing, it's important to also seek internal healing; healing for the soul. He said one can do this by avoiding the temptation to focus on the negative aspects of life, but instead, look outward toward others. Find a care community, relatives, friends and even a priest who can help accompany the patient on his or her spiritual journey.  MSGR. PAOLO MARTINELLI Auxiliary Bishop of Milan (Italy) "This helps establish a greater connection between the spiritual mission, the mission of a person's soul, and even his bodily experience. I think this message also helps medicine look at the person in a more comprehensive, wider way. I believe that in this way, the point of an illness, suffering, and even the cross that this can give to a patient, allow a process of humanization.â? Thus, the suffering one experiences does not go to waste, but instead is a process of refinement. It is important to remember a person is both body and soul and thus, as Bishop Martinelli explains, needs healing in both aspects as well.  MB Archdiocese of Milan FL -PR Up:JRB