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Rome Reports

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Pope to participate in Charismatic Renewal meeting in Circus Maximus

One of the most active spiritual movements of the Catholic Church, the Charismatic Renewal, is celebrating its 50-year anniversary. ; It all began in 1967 during a student retreat at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Patti Mansfield was one of the attendees. The college students asked God for the gift to experience the Holy Spirit as the apostles experienced on Pentecost. PATTI MANSFIELD Catholic Charismatic Renewal "Then say Lord, Baptize me in your Holy Spirit. You see all my desires, needs, weaknesses. I can't do anything without the power of the Holy Spirit. ;Lord, send your Spirit to me. Just these three simple worlds, 'Come, Holy Spirit'- that's a powerful prayer." The experience spread quickly among people from other campuses, and later took root in Christian institutions and parishes. Now, there are about 120 million Catholics. It is not a single association, but people or groups that share the desire to receive the outpouring or baptism of the Holy Spirit. The pope has invited them to celebrate these 50 years in Rome from May 31 to June 4. He will meet with them twice and invite them to his Mass in the Vatican. ORESTE PESARE International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services "The Jubilee of Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a set of celebrations that we are organizing to celebrate and give glory to God for the 50 years of existence of this current of grace in the Catholic Church. The Charismatic Renewal is a way of living out the faith." Thirty thousand people from 122 countries have already registered. For five days they will gather in basilicas throughout Rome to pray and to reflect on their history. Patti Mansfield and Sr. Briege McKenna are scheduled to meet with priests to prepare them to renew their promises. In addition, on Friday they will meet with Pope Francis at Circus Maximus in Rome. ORESTE PESARE International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services "He himself gave us the appointment at Circus Maximus. The place he chose is the same place where the first Christians were martyred. He has this dream, which he shared with us, and he wants it to be a prophetic gesture: one where we invite many Pentecostal and Protestant brothers to celebrate Pentecost with us." One of the characteristics the pope appreciates most about the Charismatic Renewal is that it brings Christians together in prayer from different denominations. Therefore, it is not only Catholics who will be celebrating these 50 years in Rome. AQ-JMB-MB MG FL - PR Up:FV