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Rome Reports

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Pope to youth: Ask God to challenge you

The pope met thousands of young people from the region of Liguria in this shrine. He asked them to have a critical spirit, and to have the courage not to believe everything that appears in the media.  He also taught them a short prayer: POPE FRANCIS "Lord, I ask you a favor: please, challenge me today.' Yes. 'Jesus, come, please bother me, give me the courage to respond to the challenge and to you.' I really like this Jesus that bothers, that annoys, because Jesus is alive, and moves within you with the Holy Spirit. It's beautiful, a boy or a girl, who is 'bothered' by Jesus; the young man or woman that does not let his or her mouth get covered easily, that learns not to keep his or her mouth closed; who is not content to answer simply, who seeks the truth, who seeks depth, who learns to go ahead, go forward, and has the courage to ask questions about truth and many things.â?  As there were some prisoners among the participants, the Pope gave them a special blessing. He also greeted those who, despite the sun, followed the encounter from outside.  JMB/JC CTV FL - BN Up: JMB