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Cardinal Lubomyr Husar dies, a hero for Ukrainian Catholics

Cardinal Lubomyr Husar has died in the Ukraine. He was 84 years old and he was the Major Archbishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, the biggest Eastern Church in communion with Rome. At age 11, he had to flee from Ukraine due to the arrival of the Soviet Union. Years later, he was clandestinely ordained bishop, because the Vatican did not want to offend the USSR. He did not return to his country until 1991. When he did, he started reviving his Church, which experienced 60 years of catacombs, the martyrdom of 3,000 priests in Siberia and the confiscation of their churches. CARD. LUBOMYR HUSAR Archbishop of Kyiv-Halyc (Ukraine) "During the times of persecution, our Church through the grace of God survived, but in a certain sense we have to be very conscious that notwithstanding the difficulties it was in certain sense easier because things were pretty much black and white. Now that we have been liberated and now face the world, that does not persecute us directly, we have to find the inner force, and the inner conviction to be living members of Christâ??s church. And this is not always so easy.â? Although his position was for life, when he saw his strength was faltering, he retired from leading his Church. Over these last few years, he gradually lost his sight, but never lost his smile. JMB/MB RR F - PR Up: JC