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Culture Project: An international movement in pursuit to restore values and love in society

This is Cristina Barber, the founding director of The Culture Project. It's an international movement of young people on a mission to proclaim human dignity, sexual integrity, and remind others that there is more to life than the negative news that is filling today's world.  Members of the Culture Project dedicate at least one year of their lives to spread the Church's teachings.   CRISTINA BARBER Culture Project "The way the culture project evangelizes the culture is we send teams of missionaries, about five or six missionaries a team, to different parts of the countries, different diocese, and basically they live in community, pray in community, and they go out and work in that local community. Typically we reach the youth any way we can. So we will give presentations, in grades schools, high schools, university campuses, youth groups, any opportunity to encounter the youth we do that.â? Something that's so special about this initiative is that they believe evangelization does not have to be fancy, but rather something that should be incorporated into everyday life.  CRISTINA BARBER Culture Project "As youth, to not be afraid to use our regular life as a platform. Our school, our university campuses, to not be afraid to invite people to mass, to invite people to coffee, to a drink.â?  With continued success in dioceses across the United States, a new Australian chapter, and interests from European communities, they are well on their way to spreading the mission that they seek.  JC RR -SV -PR Up:DN