Director of Osservatore Romano in Argentina: â??The pope does what he says and says what he doesâ?

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This is the Argentine version of the Vatican newspaper and it was established, as this note shows, with the full support of Pope Francis.

Its director, Marcelo Figueroa, has been a personal friend of the pope for many years and, he is one of only a few Protestants working for the Vatican.

Director, Osservatore Romano Argentina 
'For me, this is not a task or a job, it is a service, which is above all spiritual.�

The Argentine edition has its own special content and is characterized by a spirit of dialogue between Christians of different denominations and followers of other religions. For this reason, in addition to Protestants, they also collaborate with Jews and Muslims. In this way, the newspaper follows in the footsteps of Pope Francis by welcoming everyone.

Director, Osservatore Romano Argentina 
'He is a pope inclined to ecumenical and interreligious dialogue. In some way, the fact that I am a Protestant is also a double responsibility. I must try, while maintaining my religious convictions, to transmit fundamental issues which correspond with his voice, with his ministry and his desire.�

The weekly edition of the paper is the first of the Osservatore Romano to be published in a Latin American country outside the Vatican. 

Director, Osservatore Romano Argentina 
'It is the first time in 155 years that this newspaper has allowed the possibility of including specific content not contained in the edition published in Rome. Even if there is this kind of unique content, the final and complete authorization remains with the editorial staff of the Osservatore Romano in the Vatican.�

Marcelo Figueroa shared a television show with the pope, when he was still Cardinal Bergoglio, and with Rabbi Abraham Skorka. The program was called, 'Biblia, diálogo vigente,â? and it featured a Protestant, a Catholic and a Jew speaking about all things divine and human. After 31 hours of recording together on set, a great friendship was forged between the men. 

He assures that he learned a great lesson from Pope Francis: consistency.

Director, Osservatore Romano Argentina 
'What I have always learned from him is his example of life. He does what he says and says what he does.�

The newspaper makes the voice of Pope Francis in an integral way accessible to all Argentinians, who, Figueroa says, feel that the pope is ever more like their dear pastor, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.


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