Pope at Quirinal Palace: "We have good relations with China"

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The pope left the Vatican in this car for the Quirinal Palace, located in the center of Rome, where he visited Italian President Sergio Mattarella. 

As it was a state visit, the president met him at the door, which was followed by the national anthems of both Italy and the Holy See. 

As they walked through the halls, this informal exchange of words regarding China was also heard, a country that the Italian president visited in February. 

'Our relations with China are also good. They are good.�

'I had the impression that they are interested. They will take their time and they will do it with great caution.�

'Chinese times...â? 

'They have a very broad sense of history, and that is an advantage because it allows them to examine problems with a vision of the future.�

In their official speeches, they discussed how the collaboration between Church and State in Italy has promoted values in the long run. 


'The problems, the great problems of this age, if faced inadequately, narrowly and with lack of vision, are likely to crush us.'


'An alliance of synergies and initiatives is needed in order for the financial resources to be placed in the service of this objective, and not distorted and dispersed in predominantly speculative investments, which indicate the lack of a long-term vision.�

Among the guests of the Italian president were about 200 children from areas affected by the earthquakes in Central Italy. 

They took advantage of the meeting to ask for autographs and hugs. 

'Thank you, President, for bringing the children. It gives me joy to be with them.�


'It brings to my mind a beautiful song that the mountain military corps sang: 'In the art of climbing, success is not to not fall down, but not to remain down.' Always up, always, with the words 'get up,' and up!�

After these greetings, the president accompanied the pope to his car and gratefully said goodbye to him. This was the last thing Pope Francis told him. 

'God bless you, pray for me, I pray for you.�




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