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What is the key to Pope Francis' leadership?

What do a famous singer, chess champion, and top model have to say about Pope Francis? The answer lies in this documentary: "Leadership and Pope Francis,â? where different international figures explain the elements that make up leadership, all of which are visibly present in Pope Francis.  ANTONIO OLIVIÉ Director, "Leadership and Pope Francis" "Why does Pope Francis capture your attention? Why is he so attractive to people? This is a question from the documentary that we want to answer, with the help of Andrea Bocelli, Garry Kasparov, and Valeria Mazza; all very different people, some not Catholic, who have something important to say about leadership and the pope.â? Throughout the 47 minute documentary, it analyzes the prestige of the Vatican on the international level with Pope Francis at the head; a person that in only four years of his pontificate has left his mark on the way he does things.  MSGR. JEAN LOUIS BRUGUí?S Director, Vatican Library "Pope Francis is, in my opinion, a political pope in the deepest sense of the word. I recently read an article in the international press that said that Pope Francis was the only popular politician, and for me this is the key to his pontificate.â? Also appearing in the documentary are other international personalities like baseball star Mike Piazza, member of the baseball Hall of Fame; Jean Todt, president of the  World Motor Sport Council, and who represented the 1990s Ferrari team; Lord David Puttnam, producer of "The Mission;â? and Lilian Tintori, wife of Leopoldo López, a political prisoner in Venezuela. CLAUDIA DI GIOVANNI Director, Vatican Film Archive "I really liked the combination of interviews and the image it portrayed of the pope, which gives us the idea that this pope is for everyone. For the powerful, for the movie stars, for the humble; it's a really beautiful story.â? The documentary, which was presented at the Vatican Film Library, was shot in Venezuela, Switzerland, Spain, England and Italy. It gives the keys to understanding the secrets of perhaps the most respected leader in the world, Pope Francis.  AC/JC MG -SV -PR Up: MB