Pope: All are called to be saints if they maintain an open heart

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With summer in Rome officially underway, Pope Francis exchanged greetings with thousands of pilgrims, even receiving this special painting from one of the Audience's youngest attendees.   

He continued his weekly catechesis on hope, looking now to the intercession of saints. He remembered they are invoked in the ceremony of three sacraments: baptism, marriage, and ordination. They help people not only fulfill their vocation, but also in times of tribulation.   

'God never abandons us: whenever we need it, His angel will come back to us and give us consolation. 'Angels,' sometimes with a face and a human heart, because God's saints are always here, hidden in our midst. Going off script, he also said that though becoming a saint seems like an impossible task, it is possible, because God 'gives us the hope to be saints.'

''But Father, one can be a saint in everyday life?' Yes, yes you can. 'But this means that we have to pray all day?'  No! No, what it means is that you have to do your daily duty: pray, go to work, take care of the children, and do it all with an open heart towards God. In a way that this work, also when you are sick or suffering, or in troubles, is all open to God. In this way it is possible to become saints.'

Pope Francis then concluded the Audience with a special thought towards next Friday, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in which the Church sustains in prayer all priests.   

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