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Rome Reports

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Polish family returns Pope Francis' WYD visit: "A spiritual experience"

This Polish family has come not only to return Pope Francis' WYD visit to Krakow, but also to deepen their Christian roots.  ALEXANDRA "It's a new experience for me. It's a big city, but we came here to see the foundation of our religion. The roots. So we came here to see the tombs of St. Paul, St. Peter and other saints, and it's a spiritual experience for us. Not just a tourist visit.â? They belong to "Light-Life,â? a Catholic movement founded in 1954 by Polish priest Franciszek Blachnicki, who decided to become a priest while in Auschwitz. ALEXANDRA "We've been in this Catholic movement for 10 years, and it helps us to develop and grow in our faith; to be closer to God. FLASH. It's a special time, because we are making a sacrifice, not making a normal vacation, but we are here to pray and grow in our faith.â? They say that "Light-Life" is one of the movements that inspired John Paul II to start WYD. The pope said that the song "Lord, You Have Come" of "Light-Life" was crucial during the conclave, and that from that moment on, it did not stop accompanying him throughout his pontificate. These pilgrims assert that WYD's are born from experiencing that song.  This family will undoubtedly leave Rome with renewed energy to better live out life and its message.  JS/JC AA -V BN Up:JS