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Pope to volunteers fighting cancer: 'Good' is effective when done without seeking reward

The pope met with the "Italian League for the Fight against Tumors," one of the most active organizations in both the prevention of cancer, as well as patient support.  It was an encounter in which tears flowed freely for the gratitude and work that their volunteers do to help so many people.  POPE FRANCIS "'Good' is accomplished and is effective especially when it is done without seeking recompense and visibility, in the concrete situations of daily life.â? The pope also recalled that when he asks Christians to help people in the peripheries, it does not only refer to a geographical area.  POPE FRANCIS "Periphery is every person confined to the margins of society and relationships, especially when disease infringes upon the usual rhythms of life, as is the case with oncological pathologies.â? Before leaving, they gave him this sculpture that evokes two worlds. Then, the pope wanted to take a picture with the association's youngest volunteer.  JMB/JC CTV FL - BN Up:MB