Benedict XVI receives the new cardinals, and speaks with them in various languages

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After being created cardinals, Pope Francis accompanied the five new cardinals in their visit to a very special Vatican tenant, Pope Benedict XVI, who took off his zucchetto when he saw his successor. 


The cardinal of Laos was first to present himself, and spoke to the pope emeritus in French. 'I know you speak French.' 'Do you speak French?' 'Yes.' Benedict XVI met the five new cardinals and spoke with all of them in their native tongue, demonstrating once again his capacity for languages.   

For example, he spoke Spanish with the cardinals from Spain and El Salvador. Monsignor Juan Jose Omella told him about the Holy Family, a temple that Benedict XVI consecrated during his visit to Barcelona.

 'Next Sunday we will start Mass every Sunday in the basilica.'  

He also spoke French with the cardinal of Mali. Then, the pope emeritus addressed the new cardinals with a few words and left them this message. 'The Lord wins in the end. Thank you all'  

Before leaving, Benedict XVI, along with Pope Francis, imparted a blessing to the five new cardinals.  'From the four continents. The whole Church.' The intimate encounter ended with this group photo.   

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