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Names of archbishops to receive pallium from Pope Francis

On June 29, the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Pope Francis will bless the palliums of the Metropolitan Archbishops. This year, 36 have been appointed. The list is as followed:


1. Card. Joseph William TOBIN, C.SS.R.

Archbishop of Newark (U.S.A.)

2. Msgr. Francisco OZORIA ACOSTA

Archbishop of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

3. Msgr. Donald Joseph BOLEN

Archbishop of Regina (Canada)

4. Msgr. Goetbe Edmond DJITANGAR

Archbishop of Nâ??Djaména (Chad)

5. Msgr. Franí§ois KALIST

Archbishop of Clermont (France)

6. Msgr. Martin S. JUMOAD

Archbishop of Ozamiz (Philippines)

7. Msgr. Paul Dennis ETIENNE

Archbishop of Anchorage (U.S.A.)

8. Msgr. Józef Gí?RZYÅ?SKI

Archbishop of Warmia (Poland)

9. Msgr. Giovanni ACCOLLA

Archbishop of Messina-Lipari-Santa Lucia del Mela (Italy)

10. Msgr. Faustin AMBASSA NDJODO, C.I.C.M.

Archbishop of Garoua (Cameroon)

11. Msgr. Mariano José PARRA SANDOVAL

Archbishop of Coro (Venezuela)

12. Msgr. Joseph NGUYí?N CHI LINH

Archbishop of Huíª (Vietnam)


Archbishop of Verapoly (India)

14. Msgr. Carlos GARFIAS MERLOS

Archbishop of Morelia (Mexico)

15. Msgr. Fridolin AMBONGO BESUNGU, O.F.M. Cap.Archbishop of Mbandaka-Bikoro (Dem. Republic of Congo)

16. Msgr. Orlando BRANDES

Archbishop of Aparecida (Brazil)

17. Msgr. George FRENDO, O.P.

Archbishop of Tiraní«-Durrí«s (Albania)

18. Msgr. Wilfredo PINO ESTÉVEZ

Archbishop of Camagí¼ey (Cuba)

19. Msgr. Marek JÄ?DRASZEWSKI

Archbishop of Kraków (Poland)

20. Msgr. Michael Didi Adgum MANGORIA

Archbishop of Khartoum (Sudan)

21. Msgr. Jean-Pierre COTTANCEAU, SS.CC.

Archbishop of Papeete (French Polynesia)

22. Msgr. Paul DESFARGES, S.I.

Archbishop of Alger (Algeria)

23. Msgr. Júlio Endi AKAMINE, S.A.C.

Arcivescovo di Sorocaba (Brazile)

24. Msgr. Joí£o José DA COSTA, O. Carm.

Archbishop of Aracaju (Brazil)

25. Msgr. Gilbert A. GARCERA

Archbishop of Lipa (Philippines)

26. Msgr. Moses COSTA, C.S.C.

Archbishop of Chittagong (Bangladesh)

27. Msgr. Simon POH HOON SENG

Archbishop of Kuching (Malaysia)

28. Msgr. Manoel Delson PEDREIRA DA CRUZ, O.F.M. Cap.

Archbishop of Paraí­ba (Brazil)

29. Msgr. Robertus RUBIYATMOKO

Archbishop of Semarang (Indonesia)

30. Msgr. Inácio SAí?RE, I.M.C.

Archbishop of Nampula (Mozambique)

31. Msgr. Tadeusz WOJDA, S.A.C.

Archbishop of BiaÅ?ystok (Poland)

32. Msgr. Anthony MUHERIA

Archbishop of Nyeri (Kenya)

33. Msgr. Ignacio Francisco DUCASSE MEDINA

Archbishop of Antofagasta (Chile)

34. Msgr. Charles C. THOMPSON

Archbishop of Indianapolis (U.S.A.)

35. Msgr. Geremias STEINMETZ

Archbishop of Londrina (Brazil)

36. Msgr. Jorge Eduardo LOZANO

Archbishop of San Juan de Cuyo (Argentina)