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Rome Reports

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New consistory means more work for Vatican tailor

For each consistory called by the current pope, there are a lot more moving parts behind the scenes than a person realizes. One example is the new cassock and pellegrina each cardinal receives, lined with scarlet red as opposed to amaranth red, which is reserved for bishops.  In Rome, Raniero Mancinelli is the one-stop-shop and he has been hand-making cassocks for religious since the 1960s. RANIERO MANCINELLI Ecclesiastical Tailor "For me, because I have done this job all my life, it's a great joy because each consistory is always suddenly announced. It's not something that I can imagine today. It's always exciting because you can't be completely prepared in this job. It is a beautiful and delicate job because one of the cardinals is the next popeâ?. Especially since Pope Francis is looking for cardinals from the peripheries, when priests, bishops and the cardinals come to Rome, most stop in and buy new pieces for their wardrobe.  MSGR. THOMAS DABRE Bishop of Vasai (India) "These things are made here in Italy, in the Vatican in a special way and the material is very suitable. In any rate, it's very difficult to make these things. So when I get a chance to come to the Vatican, and when I need these, then I come to this shop.â? For the June consistory, Mancinelli says he had already been serving the bishops before becoming cardinals, so he already had their measurements when Pope Francis announced who the new cardinals would be, meaning he got right to work.  RANIERO MANCINELLI Ecclesiastical Tailor "It was not a hard thing to do their clothes because I had done them before they were appointed cardinals. They must arrive two or three days before the consistory to do the last test to make sure everything is perfect.â? He has served countless priests, bishops, cardinals and even popes, including John Paul II and Benedict XVII. Additionally, he sold Pope Francis' current cross that he wears around his neck back when he was a bishop. Yet, it is something that he still wears even to this day as pope.  MB AA -VM -PR Up:FV