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Rome Reports

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Cardinals and journalists bid their final farewells to Joaquín Navarro-Valls

This basilica in the center of Rome was filled with people saying their final farewells to the man who revolutionized Vatican communication.  In addition to the relatives of Joaquí­n Navarro-Valls, artists and journalists attended, as well as cardinals Harvey, Tauran, Herranz and Sandri. Also present were Vatican officials such as Angelo Becciu, Pietro Marini and Dario Viganí². Mass was celebrated by Mariano Fazio, Vicar General of Opus Dei, an institution to which John Paul II's spokesman belonged. He emphasized three virtues: loyalty, professionalism and service. Stanislaw Dziwsz, John Paul II's secretary, also sent a message.  At the doors of the basilica after the ceremony, one could feel the emotion, including that of his successor. FR. FEDERICO LOMBARDI "I remember Joaquin's extraordinary professional ability to be a communicator. He was the face and the voice that accompanied and explained the pontificate of John Paul II to the media and the world. For us, he has been an teacher in this sense, a great teacher of communication.â? The remains of Joaquí­n Navarro-Valls will rest in Rome, the city where he worked for two popes, and the place he called home since the 70s.  JS/JC AA V -BN Up:JC