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Rome Reports

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Monasteries and abbeys sell their products near the Vatican

Normally pilgrims have two goals in mind after their experience under the burning sun at the weekly General Audience. First: to replenish their energy, by going to a typical pizzeria in a neighborhood like Borgo Pio.  Second: to buy souvenirs like rosaries, books, food and wine, as well as the finest Italian liqueur. This small business where Giulia works specializes in religious products, or rather products made by religious men and women. GIULIA SCANNAVINO Ora et Labora "Honey is one of our best products, moms and grandmothers really appreciate the extra virgin olive oil. These are the products that sell the most.â? Here you can find the best "Amaros," a herbal liqueur typical of Italy. There are also beers, made in the monasteries of Central Europe, and the best wine to liven up parties as the pope says. POPE FRANCIS "There is no celebration without wine!â? What few people know however is that the best-selling products of this store are not gastronomic, but cosmetic. They range from deodorants, to shampoos and skin creams, and have all been made using a natural formula that was kept secret for decades. GIULIA SCANNAVINO Ora et Labora "To me personally, as a woman, the products that I like the most are the creams, ointments, and shampoos. Each product comes from a different abbey. The Montevergine monks specialize in Amaros and extra virgin olive oil. For example, their standard line of body oils sells a lot, like shampoos and shower gels. The creams that the nuns of Orte prepare sell very well and are very effective, or at least that's what our customers say.â?   Take note that the kings of cosmetics are not multinational companies, but instead monks in abbeys. As the saying goes: "Mens sana in corpore sano.â? Take care of the soul, but do not forget the body. JRB/DN RR/AA VM -PR Up:JRB