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Vatican launches documentary â??on the wave of emotion from the Jubilee Year of Mercyâ?

It was this powerful moment in December 2015 that initiated the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy for Catholics around the world.  Now here in the Filmoteca Vaticana, the documentary "I Giubilei, La Strada Del Perdonoâ? was presented. As a result of a partnership between Centro Televisivo Vaticano and the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, it seeks to recall the spirit of the event itself.  STEFANO D'AGOSTINI Director, CTV "It's a project that grew on the wave of emotions from the Jubilee Year of Mercy, because we still have in the eyes the true meaning of mercy, after seeing Pope Francis' gestures to show a living example of mercy.â? Though highlighting the last Jubilee of Mercy, the prefect for the Secretariat of Communication, Dario Edoardo Viganí², explains that the movie also explores the roots of past jubilee years.  MSGR. DARIO EDOARDO VIGANí? Prefect, Secretariat for Communication "The objective was above all to recount the meaning of the Jubilee Years, for this reason there are many images and iconographies in the documentary. Toward these images are interviews of historians and theologians that recount the sense of the jubilee, in particular the grand Jubilee of Mercy.â?  According to Dario Viganí², itâ??s in this way that the movie can produce a profound, yet concise, narrative.  MSGR. DARIO EDOARDO VIGANí? Prefect, Secretariat for Communication "Itâ??s a simple narrative. on the first level it recounts the history and culture. From this to the celebrative spiritual aspect, connections are created through interviews. These interviews are studied and filmed in a cinematic way, and are the narrative structures of our documentaries.â? At the Jubilee's closing Mass, Pope Francis signed this apostolic letter asking to "continue to live mercy with the same intensity during the extraordinary Jubilee.â? This new film serves as a reminder to continue just that.  JC MG/RR SV PR Up:JRB