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Rome Reports

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From England to Rome with her friends on a “final break” before she gets married

She has never been to Rome before, and she chose a very special occasion to visit the city for the first time: her “final break” before she gets married. 

“This is my first time visiting Rome with my friends and my sisters. I have come to visit Rome because I am getting married next month, so we thought we will just take a little break, and explore the culture and the food because we've heard so much about the food in Italy. It's my final break before I get married!”

Their first stop will be Vatican City, where they will visit St. Peter's basilica and the museums, one of the “highest recommended places” by their friends. 

“I have asked many people, I know many people who have come to Rome, so I have asked them and the Vatican has been one of their highest recommended places, in terms of the architecture and culture. So that's what we are going to explore today. It looks so pretty so far, but we haven't ventured out yet.”

These seven girls will spend four days under the Roman sun, visiting famous places and buildings. With her visit to the Eternal City, Jules is preparing herself for a new chapter of a life of eternal love.