Pope at Angelus: It is criminal that we have become accustomed to human trafficking

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During Sunday's Angelus prayer, the pope recalled that July 30 is the United Nation's World Day Against Human Trafficking. It is a cause especially close to Pope Francis. Thus with harsh words, he lamented that the world has almost become accostomed to this criminal situation. 

“It seems that we are so accustomed to it, considering it normal. This is wrong, it's cruel, it's criminal!”

The pope invited all the pilgrims to pray a Hail Mary for all these innocent victims.

It is estimated that there are 21 million victims of labor, sexual exploitation and organ trafficking. With such numbers, Pope Francis has called for a greater commitment to combat this evil.

“I would like to draw on everyone's commitment to make this aberrant plague, a modern form of slavery, adequately countered. Let us pray together to the Virgin Mary to support the victims of trafficking and to convert the hearts of traffickers.”

Prior to this appeal, Pope Francis spoke of the meaning of the parables of the precious pearl and the hidden treasure. From these things, he explained that there are two attitudes needed in order to find the Kingdom of God: the search and the sacrifice. 

“The Kingdom of God is offered to all – it is a gift, it is a present, it is grace — however, it is not made available on a silver plate; it requires dynamism: one has to search, walk, get going. When the treasure and the pearl were discovered, that is, when we have met the Lord, this discovery must not be left sterile, but we must sacrifice everything else for it. It is not a question of despising the rest, but subordinating it to Jesus, putting Him in the first place.”

In his conclusion, the pope said that when putting Christ first, the heart is filled with joy that only Christ can give. It is the joy of the healed patient, the forgiven sinner and the thief to whom entered the doors of paradise. 

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