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An app connecting people with parish life

Catholics belonging to over 27 dioceses in the U.S. can now connect with their parish anywhere through "myParish" app. They have access to prayers, readings, and reflections in their pocket at all times and they can remain up-to-date with Church events and even set notifications.

Solution evangelist, “myParish” app

“MyParish app has a mission with two fold: Number one is to communicate with people where they are present and listening, which is on their mobile devices and on their phone, and then to connect them with the parish life. Then the second part of our mission, and I think the most important part, is to inspire Catholics everyday to live out their faith.”

"MyParish” app gives parishioners the possibility to receive Church communications and receive the latest Catholic news. They can also set reminders for Mass and confession times that would help them live out their faith in the midst of their busy lives.

Solution evangelist, “myParish” app

”You know we had one story where parishioners said that they had gone to confession more times since they have had the app then they had in their entire life. (flash) The reality is that we are all busy with our lives and so the fact that “myParish” app allows you to put a reminder in your phone to go to confession helps you all the more get to that confession.”

It has been developed by Diocesan Publications and aims to build stronger Catholic communities with a firm engagement and dedication to New Evangelization. This model has seen positive effects in the United States, and soon they hope to expand the app globally to incorporate an international audience.