Documentary on the pope's favorite art to be presented at the Oscars

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Who would have thought that a film with the artistic thoughts of Pope Francis could end up being presented at the Oscars.

The documentary is based on the book “My Idea of Art,” by journalist Tiziana Lupi, in which the pope refers to art as a way to evangelize people. He then lists his eleven favorite pieces, each found within the Vatican Museum.

It was filmed in high definition using the latest technology available, including drones.

Journalist and Author of “My Idea of Art”
“The images translate to what you can see in this message. We have, together with him, managed the fate of the art gallery, and the works that correspond to his ideas. In the book we wrote about them with photographs, now lets see them as they appear in the documentary.”

Among the works chosen by Pope Francis are two sculptures by the Argentine artist Alejandro Marmo, which can be found in the Vatican Gardens.

The sculptures of Our Lady of Luján and the Working Christ were built using discarded materials from the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo, together with the help of recovering drug addicts. Pope Francis's vision is of an art where even the poor can contribute.


“We both have the same idea: to transform social discord through art that has a social impact, that does not focus on looks and glamour. We must move away from the banal and arrive at a compromise with the current scenario. This is the kind of art we are both looking for.”

Director of the Vatican Museum

“Behind every artistic creation like this video there is work, the work of so many people, and the creativity of so many people. It is a beautiful challenge, as well as a beautiful message, that we can give.”

For Pope Francis, art is more than beauty, it is an instrument that serves to change people inwardly, which brings God closer and unites the poorest. Now the creators of this one of a kind documentary dream of taking it to the most famous film festival in the world. 

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