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Rome Reports

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From Haiti to New York to Rome, all to take a picture of the pope

This group of friends have traveled to Rome from New York. They are originally from Haiti and have been friends for almost 30 years.

After leaving the General Audience, they proudly show these photos they were able to take when the pope passed by.

-“We didn't get the chance to speak with him, but we were maybe 15 feet away from him, and we managed to make a picture.”
- “I always see him when he does the Mass in St. Peter's Square, but never live, so this was an experience to see.”
- “A good experience for us.”
- “A good one, a good one, a good experience for us.”

They say that if given the opportunity to return to the Audience next week, they would willingly do so. They explained that they enjoyed every second of the Audience, even if they could not understand more than half of the languages spoken.

“I enjoyed the fact that it's so multilingual, even if you don't understand the language, you do see the pattern of what's being said and you can follow. I don't speak Italian, I don't speak much Spanish, I don't speak Polish, but I understood.”

This was the last part of their pilgrimage that began 15 days ago in Fatima, and which has also passed through Santiago de Compostela and Lourdes. Now, this group of Haitians returns to the city of skyscrapers to tell of what they experienced these days and show off their photos of the pope.