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Pope visits foster home for orphaned children in Medellín

In Medellín, Pope Francis wanted to put the children first. That's why he visited Hogar San José, a center that has been open for more than 100 years, they welcome anD care for orphaned or abandoned children. 

In the courtyard, they received him with flowers and music. In total, there were more than 300 children enthusiastically awaiting him. 

During his visit, he heard the story of a teenage girl named Claudia. When she was two years old, she lost her family in a massacre that was provoked by guerrillas. She was shot in the abdomen, and a bullet grazed her head. 

"Only ten children and my aunt survived. My aunt and did not know what to do, because we were ten children between the ages of two and eight, and still needed to grow up and get ahead. However, God is great, and she realized the work of the Archdiocese of Medellin, San José Children's Homes, and went to Monsignor Armando Santamaría, asking for help.”

The young woman excitedly told him that she is now studying to be a teacher. Pope Francis, in his speech, used her as an example, and spoke of the importance of knowing how to see the hand of God in the midst of adversity. 

"Claudia Yesenia, next to so much horror that happened, God gave you an aunt who took care of you, a hospital that cared for you and finally a community that received you. This "home" is proof of the love that Jesus has for you, and His desire to be very close to you.

The visit concluded with a musical “show” by the girls from the foster home. When Pope Francis finished saying goodbye to the little ones, he also asked them the same thing he asks all of the presidents and high dignitaries that he meets:

"Please do not forget to pray for me. Thank you.”