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Pope Francis' most powerful messages in Colombia

In Colombia, Pope Francis left a very powerful, and strong, message: banish the desire for revenge, and forgive despite so many decades of pain. 

"We have to break the chain that is presented as inescapable, and this is only possible with forgiveness and concrete reconciliation.”

He also gave direct messages against those who profit from the drug business at the expense of young people.

"Young people are naturally restless, a restlessness that is often betrayed and destroyed by drug pushers. Medellín reminds me of this, and makes me think of so many young lives cut short, discarded, destroyed. I invite you all to remember, to ask for forgiveness for those who destroy the illusions of so many young people.”

Just as the pope told the drug hitmen not to take advantage of the youth, he also told the Church hierarchy not to take advantage of the people entrusted to them. 

"The Church is not present in Latin America with her suitcases in hand, ready, like so many others over time, to abandon it after having plundered it."

As always, he continued his strong appeals for the care of nature and his call to end human trafficking. There were also no shortages of references to countries in countries, particularly neighboring Venezuela