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Pope Francis: Colombians “are people with hope”

Pope Francis once again resumed his weekly catechesis, recalling his most recent trip to Colombia. The injury he suffered on the popemobile in Cartagena was still visible on his face. 

During his homily, he recalled what aspect of the Colombian people surprised him most. 

“They are happy people, with much suffering, but joyful. People with hope. One of the things that surprised me most in all of the cities was seeing the mothers and fathers raising their children to be blessed by the pope. They did it with pride, as if saying, 'this is our pride, this is our hope.' I thought, people that are capable of having children and showing them as a source of pride and hope have a future. I liked it very much.”

He noted that faith is a part of the cure that can heal serious wounds caused by decades of atrocities and suffering.

“It is a country that has very strong Christian roots. This makes the pain much stronger by the tragedy of war that has torn it down, but at the same time, it also constitutes the guarantee of peace.”

Pope Francis is now resuming his normal schedule again, and looking toward his future trip in November: Myanmar and Bangladesh.