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Rome Reports

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Rome to see the pope: a must-do for Argentine pilgrims

Seeing the pope was the main goal and priority for this group from Argentina, who've been traveling throughout Europe.

"We are here for a convention with many companies that sell agricultural machinery products."

"Clearly one cannot come to Rome without seeing the Vatican. It means a lot to us to come because we are Catholic, and he is our pope. We did not hesitate for a second and it was the first thing that we put into the itinerary."

They said Pope Francis' message had given them encouragement and hope that a better world is possible. 

"The truth is that it is a message that calls us all to work for peace and justice, exactly where we are. It is not necessary to do great things, but normal ones in your house, your work, your family. From there, one can create peace and justice for everyone. I think it's what this message is, that everyone in their place in life can do something."

"We believe that the world has to change, we have to live in a more just world. The principles that the pope preaches about are those that convince us to fight for peace, for equality, and for all to achieve a good state in life."

In addition to their excitement of seeing and hearing Pope Francis speak, the admiration they had for being in a place like the Eternal City was like no other.

During their trip, they had traveled to London, Belgium, Turin, Bologna and Bruges. Their long journey was now approaching its end, but they will return home with joy after the message they received from the pope and their newfound desire to make the world a better place.