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Pope Francis' 500 best tweets, compiled by Vaticanist

Each day, Pope Francis sends a message on Twitter. They are very simple texts, but carry deep human and spiritual profundity. So that they don't get lost in the Internet abyss, the Vaticanist Juan Vicente Boo has compiled the 500 best and published them in the book “Píldoras para el alma,” or “Pills for the soul.”

Author, “Píldoras para el alma”
“The key word with this book is 'meditate,' because it is not a book about social networks. It is a book about Pope Francis' spirituality and the advice he gives each person about his or her personal prayer.”

In effect, the pope's messages on social networks are not advice or recommendations from a coach or expert, but rather they are powerful statements that bring life's deepest matters to light.

Author, “Píldoras para el alma”

“These messages are very useful and close to people who suffer and need help; at the same time, they are very spiritual. In fact, whoever reads them starts to share and enjoy them. He or she changes the way he or she sees other people and life around him or her. One smiles more and becomes more optimistic: they are indeed pills for the soul.”

Juan Vicente Boo assures the pope doesn't improvise his messages on Twitter. In his opinion, “a large portion of them are thought of at 5 a.m., when Pope Francis starts preparing his homily, when he has been worrying about a tragedy of the day for some time or is meditating on some issue or anniversary.”

A book with high-quality content, compiled in a fascinating way with titles such as “God,” “Affection,” “Peace,” “Forgive” or “Mercy.” An essential map to get acquainted with Pope Francis' spirituality, and in the process heal the soul's wounds.