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Pope Francis: Go to Mass on Sundays to receive most essential needs

Just like every Wednesday, before the General Audience the pope met with countless pilgrims.

One young woman from the United States handed him a hand-written letter.

Soon after, this group of Mexican students gave him a cake to commemorate 48 years since his priestly ordination. One from the group told the pope to specially greet a young group of future priests.

"Over there are some seminarians, in red, minors."

"In red?"

"Over there, in red, are minor seminarians."

"Are they studying to become cardinals?"

"We hope!"

Additionally, the pope blessed the child in the womb of this pregnant woman.

The pope's greetings and blessings lead some to painful moments... but there were also beautiful moments.

Then, in the catechesis, the pope explained why it is necessary to go to Mass on Sundays.

"The celebration of the Sunday Eucharist gives the whole week meaning and also reminds us, with the rest of our concerns, that we are not slaves, but children of a Father who constantly invites us to put our trust in Him."

The pope also responded to Catholics who think going to Mass is not necessary, and that being good people and trying to love others is good enough.

"Unfortunately, for many, Sunday Mass has lost its meaning. They think it is enough to be good and love others. This is necessary, but it is not possible without the help of the Lord, without obtaining the strength from Him to achieve it. In the Eucharist, we receive from the Lord what we need most, He gives us himself as food and encourages us to continue walking."

At the conclusion of the Audience, the pope greeted the Vatican representative to the UN, Bernardito C. Auza.

The large audience hall is ready for Christmas. The ornaments arrived from Mexico. They are a gift from the State of Campeche, on the Yucatán peninsula.