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Pope Francis in homage to Virgin of Gate: “Fight against plague of feminicide”

Pope Francis headed to the Plaza de Armas of Trujillo, where he paid homage to the Virgin of the Gate, also known as “Dear Mother of Otuzco.”

As soon as the Holy Father arrived, he stopped to greet this group of sick and disabled people.

The pope also recalled the other numerous Marian dedications in Peru.

“Our Lady, who in centuries past showed her love for the children of this land when, placed above a gateway, she defended and protected them from the threats that afflicted them, awakening the love of all Peruvians even to our own day.

Pope Francis explained that the Virgin Mary is like the star that guides those who are lost back to Jesus. 

The pope also asked them to show appreciation and recognition for the women with this strong calling.

“I want to invite you to combat a scourge that affects our American continent: the numerous cases where women are killed. And the many situations of violence that are kept quiet behind so many walls. I ask you to fight against this source of suffering by calling for legislation and a culture that repudiates every form of violence.”

The Holy Father urged them to be compassionate, to go to those who suffer most and not to turn their heads away from others' pain, to be like Jesus. 

“There is no better medicine, dear brothers and sisters, to cure many wounds than a heart that has known mercy, than a heart that is compassionate before sorrow and misfortune. A heart compassionate before people’s mistakes and their desire to change, without knowing where to start.”

Following Pope Francis' address, the Marian celebration and singing of litanies took place. 

Although with a bit of difficulty, the pope placed this crown and rosary on the Virgin Mary.

Then came the offering of flowers. These children, dressed in traditional regional attire, presented them. 

This celebration concluded the Holy Father's visit to the Peruvian city of Trujillo.