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"Forever my girl," an ode to second chances

Money, fame, he had it all... that's until circumstances force singer Liam Page back home, to his origins. 

“I’m sorry about your grandma, Josie.”

“Hey, Liam.”

“Hey, dad.”

“What a punch you shocked me with yesterday.”

“That was just a warning shot.”

“So this is where you work.”

“I own it. I actually did something with my life after you walked out.”

In fact, it’s his mistakes from the past that keep on chasing Liam Page, while he learns how to amend them. 

Liam Page, “Forever my girl”

“I think a lot of us after we made mistakes I think we kind of just keep running. When Liam comes homes he finds out that he's got an eight year old daughter and the reason why no one in the town has told him is because he completely left everyone.”


“How old are you, Billy?”

“I'm seven.”

“I didn't find out that I was pregnant until a couple weeks after what was supposed to be our wedding day.”

“What’s going on down there, Liam?"

“Turns out, I have a daughter.”

Josie, “Forever my girl”

“Forever my girl is a movie about love and redemption. It's about a man who has lost his way in pursuing his dreams and he's turned into someone that maybe he wouldn't recognize. He is forced to confront the person that he's become because all of the people who had known him so well his whole life hold up a mirror and make him look at that person.”

The main character asserts that this film is meant to help and can be a reference point for all those who see it. 

It’s a story that proves second chances are worth it in the end. 

“Hey Liam, why did you leave my momma?

“I was young, I got lost”

“But you found your way back now, right?”

Liam Page, “Forever my girl”

“I hope that the audience when they go and see this movie laughs, and cries, and thinks about the person that they were or are in love with. Thinks about family and what that means to them. I hope everyone calls up someone that they love afterwards.”

Director Bethany Ashton pays homage to second opportunities, and knowing how to put aside fear and resentment. Sometimes, getting lost proves to be the best way to find yourself again.