Vatican presents 10 original chapel projects at Venice Biennale

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For the first time, the Vatican will participate in one of the most important cultural exhibitions in the world, the Venice Architecture Biennale. Years ago, they participated in two editions of the art exhibition.

The Holy See's pavilion will be particular, since it will be in the middle of a forest.

Curator, Holy See Pavilion
'We decided to build the national pavilion as a set of chapels. Not only giving the chapel a strictly religious meaning, but also understanding the secular side. It will be in a vast forest, because forests are always synonymous with the path of life, the labyrinth that represents life, inside which there will be 10 chapels and a pavilion.'

The Vatican has allocated 400,000 euros to the exhibition called 'Vatican Chapels.' Soon, people from all over the world will be able to admire up to 10 types of chapels, each with a different architectural style.

Among the eleven architects are famous names like Norman Foster, Andrew D. Berman and Terenobu Fujimori.

The president of the Biennale does not consider this event as an architectural fair or expo, but as a place of dialogue and common space between several countries.

President, Venice Biennale
'At the Biennale, you will find more than 60 countries participating. Concretely, there will be 65, and the Holy See is one of these. You will find very large spaces in which everyone will make their own contribution and present their personal idea. The theme of the Biennale is 'Free Space,' that is, open and free of cost.'

This contribution to the intelligence and cultural richness of the world will all take place on the Venetian island of San Giorgio. It is an unique exhibition that will be open to the public from May 25 to November 25.

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