Pope Francis will travel to Apulia on Friday to honor bishop of poor

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On Friday, the pope will travel to the region of Apulia, the heel of the Italian boot. It will be a quick trip in which the Holy Father will visit two cities, Alessano and Molfetta.
Pope Francis is going to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of popular Italian bishop don Tonino Bello.    

The pope will arrive at 8:30 a.m. in Alessano, where he will visit the tomb of don Tonino and meet with his relatives. An hour later, the Holy Father will depart for Molfetta, the city where Tonino was bishop, and celebrate a Mass in the port before returning to Rome before lunch.    

After he was named bishop, don Tonino renounced all signs of power and tried to help the most disadvantaged.    

He ensured Caritas groups were established in every parish, founded a community to help people with addictions and said the Church must put on an “apron” to demonstrate its aid to the needy through actions.

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