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Pope Francis in General Audience: God never denies His children

The sun came out just in time for Wednesday's General Audience, reflecting the emotion in the attending pilgrims. He also received a skullcap, that was perfectly thrown on the top of his popemobile before receiving an especially unique gift as he greeted the disabled, a pillow with a message.

Pope Francis then delivered his catechesis message on the theme of Baptism, focusing on the fact that Baptism makes all Christians adoptive children of God. 

"This paternal voice, imperceptible to the ear, but well-audible to the heart of those who believe, accompanies us throughout life, without ever abandoning us. Throughout life, the father tells us, 'You are my beloved son. You are my beloved daughter.' But God loves us so much. He is a father. He does not leave you alone. This is from the moment of baptism. We are reborn children of God, and we are forever!"

He continued saying that no matter what a person does in his or her life, the identity as a son or daughter of God cannot be taken away. 

“The mark left by baptism can never be lost. 'But Father, what if a person becomes a bandit, one of the most famous, kills people, and does wrongdoings? Is that mark lost?' No. He continues to be a child of God. He might go against God, but God never denies His children. Do you understand this last part? God never denies His children. Let's repeat it all together.

God never denies His children.

A little louder, because I am a bit deaf. I can't understand.”

“God never denies His children.”

“There you go, good!”

He said because of the rebirth in the baptisimal waters, there is an indelible mark on the soul. This must then be transmitted to all through the Christian witness of faith and love.