Pope to meet with Chilean bishops in Rome over clerical abuse in Chile

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Pope Francis will meet with 31 of the 32 active Chilean bishops at the Vatican from May 14-17. He called the meeting after he admitted to making “serious errors of judgment and perception of the situation” involving Fr. Karadima and Juan Barros, bishop of Osorno. 

The pope had asked the bishops to come to Rome after examining the 2,300 forms resulting from the investigation by his special envoy to Chile, Archbishop Charles Scicluna. 

During the meeting, Pope Francis will share the results of this investigation with the 31 of Chile's 32 active bishops who are coming for the meetings. Additionally, three or four of the 19 living retired bishops are also expected to come. At the moment; however, it is still unclear if Barros will participate in all the meetings. 

In late April, the pope met with three victims of Fr. Fernando Karadima at the Vatican and personally apologized to them. 

This week-long request that Pope Francis sent for them to come to Rome is the largest summoned meeting of bishops over the clerical sex abuse topic by a pope.

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