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Rome Reports

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Pope Francis: Youth fades, but Holy Spirit rejuvenates within

During the Pentecost Mass, Pope Francis spoke of the Holy Spirit's renewing ability. 

He said if cosmetics try to rejuvenate the body, the Holy Spirit rejuvenates the heart.

“Youth, despite all attempts to prolong it, sooner or later fades. The Holy Spirit is the one who prevents the only unhealthy aging, internal.”

The pope explained the Holy Spirit removes fear from damaged and tired hearts and renews their energy. Its presence can be frightening because it takes a Christian out of the comfortable, barren stillness and puts him or her in motion. He said it's like when a baby joins a family. 

“It changes your schedules, makes you lose sleep, but brings a joy that renews life, pushing it forward, prolonging love. The Spirit brings a 'taste of childhood' to the Church.”

The Holy Father mentioned a part of the Gospel in which Gaza is referenced. He then expressed his sorrow for the difficult situation in the Holy Land. 

“The Spirit brings him to a deserted street, from Jerusalem to Gaza, this name hurts so much today. May the Spirit change hearts and the path of developments and bring peace to the Holy Land.”

This ceremony is the culmination of the Easter season. After concluding, the pope made his way to the Apostolic Palace to pray the Regina Coeli with pilgrims present in the square.