In Angelus, pope prays for Nicaragua: that violence may cease and dialogue resume

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In his Sunday Angelus prayer and address, Pope Francis condemned the violence and deadly protests taking place in the capital of Nicaragua. In the past week, at least 15 people have been killed and hundreds have been wounded.

“I join my brother bishops of Nicaragua in expressing grief for the grave violence, causing deaths and injuries, carried out by armed groups to suppress social protests. I pray for the victims and their families. The Church is always for dialogue, but this requires active commitment to respect freedom and, first of all, life. I pray that all violence may cease and that the conditions may be ensured to resume dialogue as soon as possible.”

He also spoke about the feast of Corpus Christi, The Body and Blood of Christ, by focusing a part of his reflection on the Eucharist. 

“Every Eucharistic celebration, while it constitutes a public act of worship of God, refers us back to the life and concrete events of our existence. As we are nourished by the Body and Blood of Christ, we are assimilated to Him; we receive in us His love, not to retain it jealously, but rather to share it with others.”

As an example of sharing this love, he spoke about a sister from the south of Italy who was beatified in Naples over the weekend: Sister Maria Crocifissa of Divine Love, founder of the Sisters Apostles of the Sacred Heart.

“A spiritual daughter of Padre Pio, she was a true apostle in the scholastic and parish fields. May her example and her intercession sustain her spiritual daughters and all educators.”

So before leaving, he asked the thousands of pilgrims present in St. Peter's Square to applaud her new beatification.

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