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Pope and Evo Morales meet for sixth time

Evo Morales was received by the pope for the sixth time in the Vatican Apostolic Palace. The president entered with a smile and greeted Pope Francis.


"How are you?"

Pope Francis and the Bolivian president met for 36 minutes. They dealt with issues such as the regional situation and the updating of bilateral agreements between the Vatican and Bolivia.

Morales gifted the pope an ethnic wooden chess set and a picture of Pope Francis embracing a child from his trip to Bolivia.

For his part, as usual, the pope gave him a medallion and his message for the World Day of Peace.

"He is the angel of peace who holds the devil of war."

In the farewell photo with the Bolivian delegation, Pope Francis gave rosaries to the members reminding them to pray for him.

"Pray for me. Do not forget."

The pope thanked him for his gifts for the last time and both leaders said goodbye with a handshake.