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Pope Francis prays for Nicaragua, Syria and asks for prayers for Bari ecumenical meeting

In Sunday's Angelus, Pope Francis asked for prayers in places like Nicaragua and Syria, in the face of increased tensions and violence.

The pope also praised a historic event in the Horn of Africa: that after two decades of conflict, Ethiopia and Eritrea have begun talking about peace.

"May this encounter ignite a light of hope for these two countries of the Horn of Africa and for the entire African continent."

Then, the pope asked for prayers for the next ecumenical meeting that will be on July 7 in Bari, in the south of Italy. It will be a prayer meeting with leaders of other churches for peace.

"We will spend a day of prayer and reflection on the ever dramatic situation of that region, where so many of our brothers and sisters in the faith continue to suffer, and we will implore with one voice: 'may peace be upon you.'"

The pope also asked for prayers for the missing young people in Thailand. There are about 12 teenagers from a soccer team who got trapped in a gigantic cave during a trip.

Pope Francis had also reflected on the readings of the day, where death was discussed. He said that you only have to fear one type of death: the death of the heart.