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Rome Reports

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The Holy Shroud, most-investigated relic in Catholic Church

Since 2006, thousands of people have visited this exhibit on the Holy Shroud at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome. 

The highlight is this exact replica of the Holy Shroud of Turin, which is accompanied by detailed explanations uncovering its history, origin and mysteries. 

Holy Shroud Exhibition

“We see that this man was tortured, had a crown of thorns, was crucified and was buried according to the Jewish tradition.”

Holy Shroud Exhibition

“Who is the man on the Holy Shroud? Christ. Now, all investigations point to it most likely being Jesus Christ. What's going on? It doesn't show Jesus Christ in the best situation. He has been flogged, tortured, has on a crown of thorns, crucified, in a state of rigor mortis.”

The Holy Shroud is a piece of cloth nearly 15 feet long and four feet wide. It is believed to have been used to wrap the body of Christ in the sepulchre, and that he left his image imprinted on it during the Resurrection. 

To understand it, the exhibition includes replicas of nails from the Crucifixion, of a possible crown of thorns and the whips used during the Passion. There's also a “shroud cross” based on the wounds of the man on the Holy Shroud. 

To date, no study has been able to confirm his identity, and how the image was imprinted remains a mystery. 

Holy Shroud Exhibition
“From a scientific standpoint, if we believe the body of Jesus was wrapped in the Holy Shroud, it would be the most important relic in Christianity. A relic of Jesus himself, which bears his image, which has his body, which shows Christians who Jesus is, who this man was.”

This project's goal is spreading awareness of the Shroud of Turin. Thus, the exhibit is directed at anyone interested in this fascinating story. 

Exposición sobre la Sábana Santa

“We receive pilgrimages, pilgrims from all over the world. We receive schools. Also for students that are here, religious and lay people. And whoever is interested in it.”

The exposition is open throughout the year and provides explanations in six languages. For many, it's a bridge between science and faith.