Youth prepping for Synod: “For the first time, I shared my thoughts and bishops listened”

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In preparation for the Synod of Bishops in October, each country sent representatives to Rome, to be a voice for the youth in their nation. The United States was no different. 

The USCCB sent three young people to Rome for the Pre-Synodal meeting; one was Katie Prejean, a Catholic youth speaker and podcaster. 

Participant in Youth Synod of Bishops
“The question we kept being asked was what to do you see work and what do you see not working? And what do we need to do more of? It was really important for us, all three young adults and also all three working with youth and teenagers and young college students to answer those questions both from the perspective of professional and from the perspective of actual young adult ourselves.”

While these two perspectives were there, she also offered something nobody else had: she's a new mother. Katie thus not only spoke for herself, but for the Church her daughter will encounter as a young person in the faith.

Participant in Youth Synod of Bishops
“We need to make space for women in the Church to contribute their ideas, to be supportive of young families and provide further formation after they are married. “So being able to speak a little bit about the value of going through marriage prep and getting married in the Church and living a life of faith, as a married couple, I think that maybe helped open the conversation to further discussion for how to advocate for that in countries where it's not important.”

Katie admits she was a bit skeptical going in, and even wondered if she and the others would be well-received by the U.S. Bishops upon her return from Rome. She says she was pleasantly surprised. 

Participant in Youth Synod of Bishops
“For the first time in my life, I got to stand in front of our bishops and share my thoughts and share my insights. Not only did they listen and engage, but I thought that they thought it was very helpful to them. They were able to glean something positive from it.”

Surely the Synod of Bishops in October will bring many more positive outcomes, as the old can learn from the young and vice versa, to lead to a Church that can incorporate everyone. 

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