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Pope Francis: Slavery of 'ego' chains more than a prison

During the General Audience it began with this affectionate gesture of the pope with several sick people. He stopped the popemobile to greet them causing great excitement.

During the catechesis, he explained that the meaning of Sunday rest is closely related to the liberation from slavery in Egypt. 

“There are many types of slavery, the fruit of oppression, violence and injustice; and also internal prisons, such as torments, complexes or psychological obstacles. But there is one slavery that is stronger than any other: that of one's own self. The 'ego' can become an executioner who constantly tortures man, procuring for him the deepest of oppression which is 'sin.'”

He explained that sin is not the violation of a code of conduct, but it is to be enslaved and to incorporate vices that condition people's daily lives.

“There is no rest for one who lives in gluttony and lust; the craving to possess destroys the avaricious, the fire of anger and the woodworm of envy corrode human relations; and the ego centrism of arrogance isolates and alienates him from others. True slavery is that of not knowing love.”

During the greetings in different languages, the pope publicly praised two groups: the newlyweds, for going against the tide, and the educators of Venezuela, priests, religious and laity for their work.