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Mozambique's President to Pope: 'Can I announce that next year you will travel to Mozambique?'

Pope Francis and the President of Mozambique, Filipe Nyussi, greeted each other in the Vatican with a smile.

The president attended the meeting accompanied by his family. 

He gave him this gift: a picture of a Mozambican girl who writes sitting down and 'I am waiting for Pope Francis to visit my country.'

The pope returned the gesture by giving him this medallion with the olive tree of peace.

“It is written here, it says: "Seek that which unites and surpasses that which divides.”

The pope wanted to reinforce his message of peace by giving him his encyclicals and also this document. 

“This is the Message of Peace, which I did this year, and I wanted to sign it especially for you.”

The pope and the president became good friends, even during the official photo they did not stop talking.

Undoubtedly, the best moment of the meeting was the farewell. The President of Mozambique chose this moment to give an important message.

“May I announce that next year you will come to Mozambique?”

“Yes, if I'm alive.”

“He will be alive, he will be.”

And in this curious way, the pope has announced that he will most likely travel to Mozambique next year.