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Pope in Tallinn: “You did not gain your freedom in order to end up as slaves of consumerism”

The last great ceremony of the pope's trip to the Baltic States was this mass in Tallinn's Liberty Square in Estonia.

Pope Francis compared this nation and the Baltic Countries to the Jewish people whom Moses freed from Egyptian slavery.

“Like the people who came forth from Egypt, we have to listen and seek. You did not gain your freedom in order to end up as slaves of consumerism, individualism or the thirst for power or domination.”

The pope warned them of the dangers facing today's society, just as the people of Israel had to face problems. He asked them to discern well the meaning of 'freedom.'

“Some people think they are free when they live without God or keep Him at arm’s length. They do not realize that, in doing so, they pass through this life as orphans, without a home to return to.”

The pope reminded them of one of the main ideas of his last letter 'Gaudete et exsultate': that all are “called to be saints,” living with love and offering their own witness in their daily occupations.

“We have to leave our fears behind and go forth from our safe places, because today most Estonians do not identify themselves as believers.”

After Mass Pope Francis gave the final blessing and gave a message of thanksgiving.

Remarkably tired, after four days of intense travel, Pope Francis went to the airport to end his apostolic journey.