Synod on Youth: Bishops propose the importance of the family and not sugar coating the faith

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During the month of October, bishops from across the world are attending a synod in Rome with the pope. They are here to discuss ways of helping young people in their faith. 

There has already been a diverse range of opinions offered by bishops about the the needs of the youth.

Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland, has found the youth in his diocese want to know better their faith. 

Archbishop of St Andrews, Scotland
“They would like me to draw attention to their wish to know more about the Catholic faith more deeply. Not to sugar coat it. Not to make it easy for them, but to tell them what is on the tin to tell them what it is to be a Catholic; and to accompany them as a fellow disciple.” 

In countries such as Guatemala, the Bishop of Quiché has found that the family remains important for the youth. He said this is especially important given the economic problems their country is suffering, causing them to move away for work. 

Bishop of Quiché, Guatemala
“There are a lot of young people migrating to the United States. Yet, they maintain their relationship with their family and with their community. These are values we can use to help them maintain their identity.”

Among the many propositions offered at the synod, the Bishop of Derry, Ireland has found a great openness and encouragement to the youth to renew the Church. 

Bishop of Derry, Ireland
“We are finding an openness to really say 'young people we need you to renew the Church. We need you to take over. We need you to bring your energy. We need to trust you to take all the risks that are involved. This is because the Church began as a Church of young people led by Jesus who was a young man himself.'”

Pope Francis is also participating at the synod and usually walks into the entrance of the Paul VI Audience hall to greet participants. 

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