Poland, Mexico, Philippines... It's not the UN: it's St. Peter's Square on Wednesday

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This Philippine family got tired of waiting. The family's grandmother had never been to Rome. So they didn't miss the opportunity to bring her to the Eternal city to see the pope in celebration of her 80th birthday. 

“I was blessed”

“Did you feel blessed?


“I've seen the pope way back in 1995 when it was John Paul II during the World Youth Day in the Philippines. So, it was an amazing feeling. I can say that I have seen another pope in my lifetime”.

Speaking of John Paul II this Polish family also came to be in Rome in hopes of getting close to Pope Francis. 

“It was really moving, especially to see the pope we have now, Pope Francis; even if we are very fond of John Paul II because we come from Poland.”

From Europe we go to America. Jorge Alejandro and Giorgina come from Mexico and for them Rome is almost like touching the sky.

“The Vatican is impressive inside, it is very beautiful. The feeling of being close to the pope also is something unforgettable.”

“The canopy of St. Peter. Personally, I have always been a fan of Bernini and to see all his works in there is amazing.” “The canopy is impressive. To see it in photos is one thing and to see it in person is another.”

Every Wednesday in St. Peter's square there is always a mixture of faiths, languages and color. All this without leaving the square.

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