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Pope Francis: life is not a time to possess, but a time to love

This weekly catechesis began with a smile for these kids. They got to join Pope Francis in the pope-mobile to travel around with him in St. Peter's square.

Pope Francis focused his catechesis on the seventh commandment, 'Thou shalt not steal.' He explained that this commandment comes in response to the excessive eagerness to possess.

“Many times we have heard God's people say: the devil enters through our pockets. First comes money, the love of money, the desire to possess. After this, comes vanity: 'Oh, I am rich, I can boast about it.' Finally, comes pride and arrogance. This is the devil's way of influencing us. The front door is through the pockets.”

The pope stressed the importance to respect another person's property. He denounced also the excessive eagerness for one to possess which ends up stealing other peoples' basic necessities.

“The wealth of today's world is in the hands of a few; and the poor, indeed, the misery and suffering of many, are in the hands of the majority. No one is the absolute master of goods. He is an administrator of goods.”

Pope Francis reminded the great responsibility the rich have in serving society. He concluded his catechesis with this profound message: life is not a time to possess, but a time to love.