Pope Francis visits sick young people on the first “Friday of Mercy” in December

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On the first Friday of December, the pope visited the “CasAmica Onlus” center. Many Sick children and young people were waiting for him there. 

The center welcomes sick people and families who need to remain at the hospital to receive care.  

He greeted all the children and spoke with them.

“When do you return home?”


“Tomorrow? Are you happy?”


“I've been here for three years. I'm doing dialysis at Gemelli Hospital.

“It still hasn't arrived?”

“No... Not yet.”

The pope signed this photo so they would remember him.

Then he went to another part of Rome. There he made a surprise visit to 12 young people from the therapeutic rehabilitation center 'The Bridge and Tree.'

They read for the pope, who listened attentively to the young people and one of the doctors at the center.

“It's a difficult experience but it also has its positive sides. Above all, the decision to be together and to share.”

He also made a surprise phone call.

“Hello? Yes. It's me, it's me. Good night, I send you my greeting.”

Although perhaps he didn't want to, the pope returned to the Vatican surrounded by crowds of people taking photos and expressing their admiration for him. 

“Long live the pope!” “Thank you, pope!” “Thank you, pope!”

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