Pope Francis: When we pray, something always changes

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In his second General Audience of the new year, as is usual, Pope Francis was greeted by thousands of pilgrims in the Paul VI Audience Hall.

Sometimes walking down the aisle can be a bit tiring so the pope stopped to have a little drink offered by these pilgrims... and received these pillows as a gift, in case he wanted to ever rest his head a bit. 

The pope stopped with these pilgrims who reminded him that it is almost a year since his trip to Peru. They sang one of the songs from his visit there. 

He also greeted this couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. 

In his catechesis, he reflected on the Gospel passage in which the disciples see Jesus praying and ask him to teach them how to pray. 

“It is comforting to know that Jesus prays for us, prays for me, for each one of us, so that our faith is not lost; and this is true. 'However, Father, do He still do it?' Yes, He continues to do it before the Father. Jesus prays for me, and everyone can say this.”

Pope Francis recalled that Jesus taught the disciples to address God with the word “Father.” This is because God attends every prayer, cares for every person, and watches over everyone so that all may be happy. 

“Jesus' prayer moderates the most violent emotions, desires for revenge and rivalry.”
“How many times have we asked and got nothing!We've all had this experience. We knocked and the door was still closed. Jesus advises us to insist and not to throw in the towel. Prayer always transforms reality. Always. Prayer always transforms. It transforms reality. If things don't change, at least prayer changes us. It changes our heart.”

Before leaving, he recalled that this weekend is the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. The pope asked Catholics to remember which day they were baptized and to celebrate their anniversary every year.

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