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Pope in Angelus: Baptism is a flame in our hearts that feeds on prayer and charity

In the Angelus prayer, Pope Francis explained what Jesus' baptism means.

"Jesus is in the middle of the town, which is not just a scene decoration, but an essential component of the event. Before plunging into the water, Jesus goes into the crowd and joins them, fully assuming the human condition, in everything, but sin."

The pope said baptism means accepting Christ in one's own life. Therefore, it implies an interior renewal that must be nourished by two elements.

"This love of the Father, which we all received on the day of our baptism, is a flame that has been kindled in our hearts. It asks to be nourished through prayer and charity."

Pope Francis invited each person to renew his or her baptismal promises, and to live according to them. Therefore, he also made this request again.

"Ask yourselves, 'When was I baptized?' Then, do not forget it. Let it be a date stored in your heart, to celebrate every year."

Finally, the pope insisted that the roots of the Christian life are found in baptism.